Rick Wetzel

I have been a recreational fencer for about 20 years, mostly fencing at local clubs and only occasionally competing at local tournaments.  I joined AFAD about 10 years ago with my daughter.  Soon after joining AFAD, our coach, Ray Bautista, drafted us into the team.  In my opinion, the best aspect of fencing is that anyone can participate and have fun, no matter what their skill level or athletic ability. I may not always win, but I always have fun.  I recently obtained USFCA certification as a Moniteur de Fleuret, so I could instruct for the AFAD beginner and intermediate classes.       

David Moller-Gunderson

USFCA certified Moniteur De Fleuret

Matthew Denman

Chair of AFAD, rated Referee, a D rated Foil and E rated Epee fencer.

Reed Jacobsen

Reed is a D rated foil fencer.